CiviCRM Components

CiviCRM is designed to manage information about an organisation's donors, members, event registrants, subscribers, grant application seekers and funders, and case contacts. CiviCRM can be configured for each organisation’s requirements. Some of the key functionality includes:

CiviMember - provides flexible Membership/Contact management along with convenient online signup. It is fully integrated with all the other components e.g. CiviContribute for membership payments and with CiviMail allowing users to run membership campaigns. Volunteers, activists, voters as well as more general types of business contacts such as employees, clients, or suppliers can be managed using CiviCRM.

CiviContribute - is an online fundraising and donor management component which enables you to track and manage contributions to your organisation. It also allows you to quickly and easily create customised web pages to accept online donations. CiviContribute is fully integrated with CiviCRM, and creates or updates contact and donation records for all contributions, eliminating data entry time and errors.

CiviEvents - provides integrated online event registration and management for paid and free events. It allows you to quickly and easily create customise web pages for event registration, and then track participants. CiviEvents is fully integrated with CiviCRM, and creates or updates contact records for all event participants, eliminating data entry time and errors.

CiviCase - is the Case Management component of CiviCRM. It provides a way to track and manage a sequence of interactions between people in your organisation and contacts. CiviCase tracks interactions in two ways: as cases and as activities. Activities are single interactions whereas Cases are used to track more complex interactions or communication processes. A case can be used to track a specific workflow that must be followed.

CiviReports - allows you to create reports from templates with specific display columns, filters and grouping rules. Each template covers a general reporting area e.g. Relative date ranges - the user can configure a report instance with relative ranges, including This Year, Previous Year, This Month, This Quarter, etc. Reports can be output as charts(bar, pie etc.), as HTML or pdf, as CSV export or configured for automatic delivery.

CiviMail - is a robust mass-mailing component which allows you to provide your contacts with personalised communication (e.g. by email, post – their preferred option automatically selected).

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