CiviCRM is an open source low risk CRM solution for contact, members and donor management. It is web-based and designed specifically to meet the needs of non-profit and advocacy organisations. It is a powerful contact, fundraising and eCRM system that enables the user to record and manage information about various contacts including individuals and organisations.

CiviCRM provides a fully integrated web enabled software solution to meet the most complex demands faced by Charity and NfP Organisations.

It allows the recording and monitoring of:

  • contacts, members, donors, organisations and relationship/s between them.
  • subscriptions, donations, transactions.
  • events or any type of activity.
  • correspondence with each contact.
  • seamless integration with websites - CiviCRM integrates directly into the popular open source Content Management systems – one of the main ones being Drupal. Bookings/registrations, donations and different types of contact engagement can be logged directly into the system, including end-user maintenance of their own addresses and custom fields.
  • stores all of this information in one, easily accessible and manageable database.

To find out how we can help your organisation improve its Membership & CRM systems or about CiviCRM contact us on 020 7278 2081