CRM Consultancy

We have over 30 years experience in providing independent advice to help select the right CRM software solution and implement it in a way that delivers real value.

If you already have a CRM system which fails to meet your needs, is not integrated or does not provide value for money then we can help you decide whether to keep it , improve it , or look for a new solution.

Efficient management of your contacts and membership is a key part of any successful organisation. Management needs to base important decisions on current, accurate and readily available information. Our services have helped NfP organisations to reduce costs, manage risk, and significantly improve their CRM needs.

We have a range of services that can help you including:

  • initial feasibility and planning
  • requirements gathering
  • project management
  • supplier selection
  • likely project cost

To find out how nfpservices can help your organisation improve its Membership & CRM systems or CiviCRM training contact us on 020 7278 2081